artist info

Rosi was founded in February 2014 with the wish of being able to pursue my own ideas and the desire to perform live. Shaped by the experiences as singer and guitar player of We Are From Pluto, the production of house music under the alias Ludvik Nehrig and the desire to sing in English I started producing tracks, which are used as live playback when performing as Rosi. All instruments and sounds have been recorded in my own bed room, expect of some complimentary additions provided by fellow guest musicians. There is, never was and probably never will be a clear focus on a certain genre, the lowest common denominator of my work for Rosi is that it has to spark my own excitement. However, little by little influences by post punk, wave, indie, 80ies sounds and shoegaze as well as liability to melancholy are coming to light.

In April 2015 Mirco joined as guitarist and full time member Rosi. They are now and for all time a band, gang and brothers in mind.

Rosi’s EP Just Another Animal were released on limited edition cassette and digital in every common store like itunes, juno etc. on December 12th on Alternate Audio.

photo by iris friedrich